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Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

Have I not said that all the data and statistics that the APC throws up to validate the blame game after almost three years in the saddle is hubris?

I am also saying that all the PDP says today regarding her repentance and readiness to right the wrongs of the APC are but hokum and propaganda.

A painstaking look at the politricktians that dominate our space and their propagandists throw up seas of lies targeted at deceiving the uninformed and the gullible, all they seek is power. All they seek is to continue the thieving. They are one.

I have my thinking cap Compatriots, dust up yours. We cannot continue to live in the past. Do you not know about Abba Kyari and Buhari's dealings with the TSA, or have you not read about how 50b was instructed to be kept outside the TSA account?

Have you forgotten so quickly the less than transparent dealings of Maikanti Baru the GMD of NNPC and the NNPC, concerning 25b Dollars and the mucky contracting protocol?

Do you not know how this government has introduced an evil trajectory in our national narrative, now we know and have a new narrative, 'orphaned funds', ditto funds without owners, of course those who own them are not spirits but sacred cows. Or are you deceived?

We know that Babachir Lawal and Oke belong to that class. We know that those who looted over 56b Dollars from our collective till in the various Energy/Power Sector scam since 1999 belong to that class.

We know that MAINA of the Pension Scam fame and the syndicate in government and out of government, are sacred cows, don't you know?

Do you not know about Abba Kyari and his many corruptive deals, or have you also forgotten the story of the 500m from MTN, and his role in the directive to the NNPC to keep 50b naira outside the TSA Account? But he is clean because he is an APC thief. Do you think otherwise?

Some say I am negative because I criticize with vehemence a government I helped to power, a government that came to power with so much promises, alas it promised all, albeit perfidiously, just to grab power for the reasons we now know, or don't you?

I am proudly NEGATIVE because God will forbid I buy into the ‘positives' that translates to lies, deceit, propaganda and perfidy.

A government that takes 1b dollars from less than 3b Dollars in the Excess Crude Account, outside due appropriation protocol, to fight an insurgency that it says has been degraded, is that government not as corrupt as the one it vilifies?

A government whose language is 'we will, we shall, Government is going to do this and government is going to do that' etc, and never accomplishing much, cannot blind me with propaganda and perfidious inveigle.

Are you blinded by their falsehood and treachery? Wake up.

It should and must be about patriotism over partisanship, if we truly must make this Country great again. And for me it will always be #COUNTRYFIRST.

To those who insist that the present is better than the past, I don't know what you see, I see what is on the ground. I see corruption everywhere, from the Aso Rock Clinic and the billions budgeted yet without medical supplies and syringes, to a total One Trillion naira (500b budgeted for two straight years) for social empowerment with less than 10 States covered, to the Power Sector with endless tales, and with almost every project 'ongoing' rarely completing any in almost 3years. What do you think?

May God give Nigeria men and women of truth, and people who for the good of Country can speak truth to power, knowing like Uztaz Uthman Dan Fodio noted in 1805 that 'Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal'. 

I'm therefore saying to cheerleaders, Court-jesters and praise-singers that in the service of the God of Truth, I do not and cannot see what the partisans and propagandists see, I see a nation calling for redemption. I see a people in search of a NEW DEAL.

The foul and odoriferous stench of Mainagate runs from the PDP to the APC. To those who hail the present watch for a mediocre and lethargic fight against corruption, please tell me who brought back and reinstated MAINA into the Federal Civil Service, until we cried out against it? Was it not your saintly President and his 'Association of saints'?

My narrative is about the hubris that the PDP and the APC seeks to recycle as they eye 2019, I do not defend one thief against the other. God forbid.

Wisen up Countrymen and women, there is indeed no difference between six and half a dozen, the one percent that runs roughshod in our space are united, indiscriminate of whether they be in the APC or the PDP. So we must repudiate their deceit and chicanery, and unite to save our Country.

We must begin to think about our Country and posterity, we must repudiate the narrative that the merchants of power, and the merchants in power trade, and we must stop pandering and dancing to the deceitful tunes of politricktians.

Do not reference and reverence thieves? Do not buy into the APC/PDP deceit, gibberish and tommyrot. For like the PDP like the APC. Like Dasuki like Abba Kyari, like Metuh like Lawal, and like Jonathan like PMB, their interest is power for egocentric ends.

We must change the narrative Compatriots, and put our Country and indeed the ORDINARY PEOPLE first. On this note I announce my resignation from the All Progressive Congress APC and I cease to forthwith function as the Director General of the CHANGE AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA CAN. 

I shall from this day completely dedicate myself to the COUNTRYFIRST MOVEMENT as we network with allied groups in the pursuit of the Nation we seek.

Countrymen and women, we MUST organize rather than agonize, we MUST work together to secure a NEW DEAL for the ORDINARY PEOPLE, and we must interrogate the past and the present watch, as we pursue the cause of a peaceful ballot based ORDINARY PEOPLES revolution come 2019.


It is #COUNTRYFIRST. To the Bridge, Dear Friends.

God Bless Nigeria.

Facebook: Countryfirstng
WhatsApp: 08171570010

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