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How You Can Withdraw Cash Without Your GTBank ATM Card

How to Withdraw Cash on GTBank ATM without Debit Card
With GTBank 737, No Card, No worries

Do you have a GTBank account and wonder how you can make a withdrawal from ATM machines even when you have forgotten your debit card at home?

Imagine being on the queue at the bank to use your ATM card to withdraw cash for an important thing or emergency and you find out after queuing for a long time that you are not with the card.

It can be annoying to find yourself in this kind of mess but worrying is not the solution. All you have to do is simply do the followings:

How to Withdraw Cash on GTBank ATM without Debit Card

    ·       Dial *737*3#
    ·       Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
    ·       Enter the last 4 digit of your ATM card to authenticate your request.
    ·       Select OK.

GTBank will then send you an SMS containing your Withdrawal Reference Pin to your phone after few seconds.

Proceed to GTBank ATM and select ‘Cardless Withdrawal

Then enter the “Reference Pin” you received earlier as an SMS.

Enter the "Amount" you want to withdraw and bingo your cash withdrawal is successful!

Visit GTBank for more info.

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